..Судьба не принимает оправданий..
A funny chat on skype boosted my heart beat into the sky. Even though I'm not into him anymore, I still felt this care and I guess at this point of time I really desperately wanted a tiny bit of it. And when I suddenly got it (sitting at uni library and working on my assignment), my heart started jumping around in the little space it has in my chest, hurting with a sweet taste and making me wanting to run around like if I'm insane and have no other things to do. It was ringing as if it's an old style alarm clock doing its morning job. These feelings just can't stay inside for long, they'll blow up my mind and the red muscle that usually gets so much attention in terms of being somehow connected to love and such other emotional waves. Stereotypes. But what matters is the feelings. Slowly I got my breath back and the heart rate came back to normal. What an experience! Although it is a bit sad that there's no point telling these kinda things out loud.

@музыка: The XX - Heart skipped a Beat

@настроение: happy?