..Судьба не принимает оправданий..
The refugees are a huge problem here in Australia. It is understandable that the conditions they are kept for such a long time, exceeding sometimes years, in these detention centres are very poor (the food quality and etc, plus absolute isolation - the centres are in the desert, where there is nothing as far as you can see). And also that the Government is trying to pretend they are doing everything they can. Of course this all raises student movements and other idiots standing up for human rights, wanting social justice and to free the refugees from Afganistan and etc. But holly shit, I don't think all these arguements are strong enough when you look at them from my position of an international student, who is paying fucking thousands of dollars a semester to finish my degree and hopefully stay in this country whereas these people will get their permanent residence with a flick of a finger just because they are escaping the war. If all this crap was up to me, I'd send all these people back from where they come from (so they do not infect the country). However, being more liberate, the Government could at least use the refugees' labour to help them settle down (let or make them build houses etc), not just prison them in those detention camp (till they break the fence or commit a suicide) or threatening these unlucky fellows and kicking them out of the country.

@настроение: feeling very passionate about what's actually happening in this wonderful country.