..Судьба не принимает оправданий..
We met on the 22nd on December 2010! I walked into the bike shop, as I needed to get my Honda CBR 125r fixed before I go travelling with my dad around Australia. So then we agreed to travel to Tenterfield together as he was going there anyway. We headed there for Christmas, on the 24th. I could tell he liked me for sure :) We have spent 7 hours in the car talking lots and sharing music. Dad and I spent the night with Cody's family, went to a local pub. Then we left his family's house, got back to Sydney after some time. Cody made it back on the day I was leaving Australia and gave me and my dad a lift to the airport.

In 2 months I got back to Sydney from Russia. We started to hang out more and on the 15th of April we agreed that we are a couple now. I was staying at Cody's most of the week.Then there was my birthday and lots of happy moments. 3 days later I had an accident on my motorbike and since then I was living at his, with just a few items of my clothes, so I constantly had to pop in at my place to get some clean outfit and do washings. After 2-3 weeks we agreed that it would be wiser to stop renting my place and move my stuff to his, so we can save some money and time. Since then we were sleeping together every night (I moved in around the 5th of June). Time flew way too fast. We went to Port Macquarie for a romantic weekend and to meet his best friend Dom, also Cody had to race in Wagga Wagga sometime after. It was wonderful time I spent with him. After his birthday in June we have spent a few awesome days together before I left for Russia again. My flight was on the 24th of June. My holiday is coming to the end soon. I return to Sydney on the 30th of July. Can't wait already, I miss my darling a lot.

Going to bed now. It's time.